It started when some European investors established the first sewage network under the direct supervision of Isma’il Pasha the Khedive of Egypt in the sixties of the nineteenth century,then the famous English engineer Charles James established the sewage network in Greater Cairo in 1914 and the English thought began to design manhole covers after the outspread of diseases and epidemics, but they were stolen due to their high price and the possibility of recycling them after they were a civilized image and curative prevention. 

The matter went beyond the material cost to the danger of taking lives due to the exposed sewers, and continued on that change and development. Sometimes, the production via iron and cast iron, and sometimes via reinforcement and cement, trying each time to avoid some defects and making improvements.

The situation remains until Falcon Misr Co. entered the Egyptian market in 2009 as a pioneer company in the use of fiberglass (GRP) in the manufacture of manhole covers from a new material . The company was not content with avoiding old defects, but excelled in development and creativity to go beyond defects to a masterpiece that the Egyptian industry is proud of to compete with globally.

The development and innovation came from Falcon Misr Co. under the leadership of the Egyptian businessman, Dr. Ibrahim El-Desouki, who devoted his life to industry and commerce for many years that made him and the company together as one of the pioneers in the field in Egypt and the Arab world. Falcon Misr Co. established an administrative headquarters and one production plant, to increase the number of plants to keep pace with business developments and market challenges.

The company was not content with internal expansion, rather it penetrated the African market in business and export through its branch in Morocco and then exporting to Morocco,Sudan and other African countries. Moreover, the company started competition globally through the company’s branch in the United Kingdom, to be the first and broader company, thanks to the continuous effort due to a clear and accurate systematic vision and mission. We also opened our branch in Dubai to cover the needs of the Arab Gulf countries.

The company obtained the highest Egyptian accreditation namely the certification of the National Authority of Potable Water and Sewage (NOPWASD). The company also obtained ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certificates, as well as the English CE marking. Falcon Misr Co. is still working and developing to keep pace with ongoing developments, environment friendly, cost-effective products to serve Egypt and its people.

Dr. Ibrahim El-Desouki Abdel-Maqsoud Younis Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alalameya Group and Falcon Misr Co.

Dr. Ibrahim El-Desouki is a honorable model for the Egyptian businessman. He graduated from the Commercial Technical Institute in 1994 and joined the military service, which ended in 1995. After that, he worked as an auditor at Nasr Civil Works company. He began studying commerce at Cairo University in 1996. During his studies, he started his practical life. In 1998, he established Alalameya Group for Trade and General Supplies, and his successes continued until his company became the largest trading company in the field of supplying supplies for water, drainage and irrigation networks and graduated in 2000. In 2009, he established Falcon Misr Co., the first plant for the production of sewerage pits and manhole covers made of fiberglass (GRP). In 2013, he established a tilapia hatchery, which is the largest in Sudan. He started opening sister companies for Falcon Misr Co. outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, starting with Falcon Morocco in the Kingdom of Morocco, then with Falcon Misr Co. UK in the United Kingdom, and then FMC Trading in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The company is the only certified one from Dubai Municipality, and it is planned to increase the number of companies and branches to cover all countries of the world. Dr. Ibrahim El-Desouki completed his career full of successes and opened two other plants, so that Falcon Misr Co. has three plants, which made it the largest production capacity in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, while maintaining the highest quality and best technology. Mr. Ibrahim El -Desouki was not satisfied with this amount of achievements, but rather continued his scientific career and obtained an honorary doctorate in 2022 from the United Nations University of the Arts and still always striving for progress and development in order to maintain the success of the companies and meet the continuous needs of the market.

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ISO 14001


ISO 9001


ISO 45001

accreditation certificate
from DUBAI

accreditation certificate
from N.O.P.W.A.S.D.