Best GRP Manhole Cover 2022

Top GRP manhole cover 2022

To everyone who is looking for a Grp manhole cover in Egypt, deal with the Falcon Egypt factory to find everything you are looking for at the best and cheapest price in Egypt.

Grp manhole

Specifications of GRP manhole cover 2022

  • GRP manhole covers are made of innovative polymeric materials of high quality developed acrylic with materials in graduated sizes. These covers are also reinforced with fiberglass netting so that the covers can withstand harsh conditions and heavy work and meet all standard specifications.
  • GRP manhole covers are easy to install and handle, and there is no risk of theft because they are made of materials that can not be recycled again. These covers are resistant to high shocks, wear, chemicals and breakage.
  • GRP manhole covers are available in a variety of sizes, and Falcon has the ability to manufacture special sizes for any customer with the possibility of writing his name on the covers.

Grp cover

  • When installing grp manhole covers, the size of the room opening must be greater than the free opening of the frame, and the thickness of the mortar layer should not be less than 20 mm, and vehicles must not be allowed to walk on the covers before completing all stages of installation in order to ensure obtaining the maximum efficiency of the room.