Best BMC Manhole Cover

BMC Manhole Cover 2022

The Falcon Egypt factory offers to all its customers a BMC manhole cover, characterized by all of the following:

  • Manufactured according to European specifications.
  • It is made of materials that are not recycled or melted, which prevents it from being stolen because it does not benefit the thief in anything.
  • It is characterized by its light weight, unlike many other products that are made of iron or cast iron.
  • It resists friction and various weather factors such as sunlight and rain, and therefore its color does not change over time.
  • It has a long life unlike other products that rust quickly or corrode, so bmc covers do not need maintenance at all.
  • When opened, it does not make any noise, not even when closed, unlike other products made of cast iron, for example.
  • Highly resistant to water absorption, chemicals and acidity.
  • The customer’s name can be written on the bmc covers if the customer requests.

BMC manhole cover is used in many fields, including:

  • Food factory sewers.
  • Water and sewage stations.
  • Electricity companies.
  • paper mills.
  • Petroleum companies.
  • textile mills.
  • chemical plants.