ــــــــــــــــــــــ WHO WE ARE? ــــــــــــــــــــــ

ـــــ WHO WE ARE?ـــــ

-Falcon Misr Co. is the first company that obtained the certification of the National Authority of Potable Water and Sewage ( NOPWASD ) in the manufacture of FRP (Fiber glass Reinforced Plastic)
-BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)
-GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic) covers، and is also approved by the Municipality of Dubai, Libya, Morocco and England.
- Falcon Misr Co. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting manhole covers and sewerage pit (manholes) for sewage and water for more than 15 years.
- We have become one of the pillars of the Egyptian manufacturing and produce the most suitable solutions for our customers all over the world.
-The company holds ISO 45001
-9001 certified company, the English CE marking for reinforcing the covers of the same type of product without resorting to iron at all and to be produced in accordance with the international specifications.
-Falcon Misr Co. has more than 150 highly trained and skilled employees and technical engineers.

-We fulfill all the requirements of the Egyptian and international standards.
-Falcon Misr Co. has 3 branches abroad; in Dubai, England and Morocco, and 3 plants inside Egypt in Quesna, Qalama and Wadi El
-Natrun, so we have the largest production capacity in Egypt and the world.
-Falcon Misr Co. has a specific department specialized in preparing designs for the products upon the customer’s request, as the moulds are manufactured inside our plants.
- Falcon Misr Co. has a laboratory specialized in taking samples of all raw materials before the manufacturing stage.
-Falcon Misr Co. is constantly trying to improve the aesthetic appearance of roads and tourist resorts, as it manufactures lighting poles, planters, and tree garlands from GRP.
-Falcon Misr Co. is characterized by a specific department responsible for the quality of the products, virtual examination of the product and conducts chemical and mechanical tests in ensure the best quality for the customer with the best quality and conforms to the Egyptian and international standard specifications.
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Dear clients of Falcon Misr Co. Group
On behalf of myself and on behalf of all the employees of the company, I welcome you to the Falcon Misr Co. GroupFalcon Misr Co. is aware of the current global economic conditions that pose a real challenge to our industry. However, we always strive to develop the skills of all employees in order to keep pace with the industrial development. We also possess a momentumof talents and enthusiasm, to form with our creative culture as a center that we are proud of as the largest company in Egypt and the Middle East in the manufacture of GRP/ FRP products, which makes the advancement of Falcon Misr Co. Group prominent in the most challenging economic conditions. We believe that continued success needs to provide innovative products that are appropriate to the level required by the community seeking to develop the field of construction and infrastructure.

Therefore, we are keen to strive to apply smart methods and solutions that contribute to the development of society and build it according to foundations that keep pace with the current development and progress. Our remarkable capabilities to carry out achievements stem s from our strategy and our interest in achieving operational efficiency, all of which will contribute to our permanent objective of ensuring sustainability, profitability and success for all the parties concerned. Today, Falcon Misr Co. seeks to expand its activities to spread its industries in various countries, as we believe that all the societies deserve environmentally friendly products. In conclusion, I can not fail to extend my deep gratitude to our valued customers for their support and trust, and we always pledge to them that we will continue to work wholeheartedly to achieve more success. Moreover, I thank all the employees for their sincere efforts and hard work, wishing everyone continued and more success. I extend my thanks and gratitude to the President of the. Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for his constant efforts to develop Egypt and his support for companies of all kinds. May God protect our beloved Egypt under the wise leadership and remain exemplary model to follow in the development , advancement, stability and prosperity.

                                                                                                       Best Regards

Dr. Ibrahim El-Desouki
Chairman of Board of Directors